November 29, 2012


Aaron Janushewski
 - CAD, AdobeSuite, 3D Modeling Sketchup, Welding, Wood-shop, Some Machine-shop
 - Materials None
- Computer skills: AutoCAD 2D/3D, Rhinoceros 2D/3D, VRay for Rhino, Photoshop, InDesign, Camera Raw, Premiere, HTML, Arduino. Some experience with Laser and manual works. Photographer. Video producer. 
- Materials: None
Emily Monette
-CAD, 3D modelling programs, photoshop, wood shop.
-no materials 
Inés Martínez Díez
-Skills: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere. Some knowledge of electronic (Arduino) and experience working for large manual work.
-Materials: Some small servomotores and electronic material, probably some PVC pipe.
Jose Díaz Mollá
-Skills: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros+V-ray, Photoshop, Premiere, InDesing, Arduino
-Materials: None
Megan Beange
Rubén Martínez Sanchís
-Skills: CAD, Photoshop, Premiere, SketchUp, Rhinoceros + V-ray. Models.
-Materials: none
Sergio Navarro García
-AutoCaD, Photoshop, SketchUp, work with textiles, and and little knowledge of electricity.
-Materials: None
Tatiana Ferrer Sarmiento
 -Skills: CAD, Photoshop, Premiere, SketchUp, Rhinoceros + V-ray. Models. 
 -Materials: none.
-Manual:hand sewing and with machine.
Juan José Ruiz Hernández
-Skills: AutoCad, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, sound recording, musical production, electricity and DIY.
-Materials: some wood and cardboard. Tools. Recording Studio. Photo-video camera and tools.

Elif Arac
-AutoCAD, Photoshop, SKetchUp
-Materials: None
Irene Cortizo Jiménez
-AutoCAD, Photoshop,Adobe Premiere.
-Availability of car to transport materials.
-Materials: none.
Javier Torres Soler
- AutoCAD, Photoshop, SKetchUp
- Materials: Materials of the Clean area.
- Availability of car to transport materials
Juan Antonio Alvarado Cano
-Skills: AutoCAD, Photoshop,Indesign,Rhinoceros, Arduino, Processing, Cinema 4D, Rendering and modeling in rhinoceros.
Kaveh Baradaran
-Modeling programs like sketchup, photoshop, good shop skills:wood working, welding, tool-works, some experience with CNC.  
-Materials: none    
Manuel Sempere Díaz
 -CAD, Photoshop and modelling programs.
 -Tool-work, make wooden/foamboard models
 -Materials: methacrylate and polycarbonate (free or cheap)
Raquel Plaza González
-Skills:CAD, modeling in rhinoceros and sketchup. Rendering and photoshop. Illustrator and Premiere. Hand models. 
-Availability of car to transport materials
Tim Brazeau
- CAD and all modelling programs, Wood-shop, have tools
- Materials none
Ziba Akarcali
-Computer: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, SketchUp
-Materials: None
-Hand Skills: Woodworking, welding, can use  most of the hand tools such as drill, fretsaw, hammer..., knitting, sewing


Alfonso Melero Beviá
-AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Rhinoceros + V-ray, Arduino, Finale, musical formation specialized in percussion.
-Recycled materials
Alicia Fernández Serrano
AutoCad, Photoshop, Premiere, SketchUp, photography.
Hand drawing and painting, modeling (a lot), hand sewing and with machine, welding.
Paper, wood, textil, recycled materials and I can work with any physical material.
Esther Moreno Romero de Ávila 
-AutoCaD, Photoshop, hand drawing, work with textiles and paints.
-Materials: I have many wooden sticks at home and some small plywood boards. Perhaps, with a longer time I can get more wood. 
Hilal Aksu
-skills: photoshop, autocad, hand drawing, painting. Material: I can gather things from nature and find reusable staff from outside.
Inmaculada de la Vega Cartagena
-Skills: AutoCaD, Photoshop, hand drawing.
-Materials: I can work with material in general, maybe I can get some textil.
Jaclyn Squizzato
- Skills: Photoshop, Sketchup, Hand Drawing, CAD, painting, wood working, metal working, general shop.
- Materials: couch, paper, paint, sandpaper, aquarium, potentially a car. Kijiji to be used a resource gathering.
Luis Ortiz Martínez
- Skills: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Rhinoceros, Arduino, electronic. Experience with Laser and CNC machin and 3D printers.Manual works. Some experience with video mapping. 
-Materials: Some electronic material.
Murat Cokceken
 - AutoCAD, AdobeSuite, 3D Modeling Sketchup
Wood-shop, Wood-carving, Welding, Tool-work
Natalie Petricca
 - sewing (with a machine, by hand and embroidery), wood working (in a shop, not carving), metal working (welding, cutting, etc), painting, 3d modeling, CAD, dance (?), editing movies, using tools (drills, hammers, saws, etc)
 - we have a spare single mattress in our house, I have lots of scraps of basswood, acrylic and paper (they are model sized though, not huge)

Chris Wilson
- Skills: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, InDesign. Skills in making architectural models. Painting. Experience in building log cabins (woodwork and construction skills), working with power tools. 
- Materials : None
- Equipment : None
Colleen McKeracher
- skills: CAD, photoshop, excel, sketchup, revit, wood and metal working, arc welding, basic electrical wiring, performance musician, silkscreening
-equipment: All sorts of musical instruments, speakers etc
Dudley Jones
Skills - AutoCad, Sketchup, Basic photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, Wood work, Basic electrical, Painting and decorating, knowledge of working tools for construction
Fabrizio Vizzi
Giuseppe Massacci
-skills: CAD, 3D modellig, photoshop, working whit tools, papier-mache,
Jaclyn Ng
- skills: CAD, Revit, sketchup, photoshop
José Manuel Rodríguez Cañizares
-Skills: Cad, 3D modelling, budget, planning, woodshop, painting,
knowledge about some electrical and mechanical machines,
have some tools and tin solder, music performance (trumpet playing) and audio edition in Cubase
-Materials: old wood (small amount)
Michael Palmisciano
Neus Giménez Agulló
-computerized drawing, budgeting, gantt planning, knitting, sewing, airbrushing.
- materials none.

Águeda Contreras García
- AutoCAD, Photoshop, Rhinoceros + VRay, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Premiere. Also a little bit of woodshop and all kinds of crafts.
- Materials: none.
Alba Castillo Marqués
- Skills: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Premiere.
-Materials: paint
Álvaro Madero Carrasco
-Skills:CAD, PS CS5, Sketch up+Vray, painting, 
-Materials: known from other workshop that is possible to find car wheels, cardboard, distribution boxes of botles, VHS, pastic bottles
- Skills: CAD, CS6, laser cutter, a little bit of woodshop - Materials: none
Claudia Carrisi 
- Skill: CAD, photoshop, illustrator, 3D modeling autocad, models with poliplat and cardstock
- Materials: none
Cristina Carpintero López
- Skill: CAD, photoshop, rhinoceros + Vray, hand drawing, work with textiles, paints and wood.
- Materials: cardboard, possibility to get cheep wood and pallets.
Eduardo González Vázquez
- Skill: CAD, photoshop, painting.
- Materials: none
Kasey Camire
Skills: AutoCAD, Revit (Architecture+MEP), photoshop, iMovie, woodworking, metal and glass work.
Materials: None
Silvia Capone  
- Skill: CAD, photoshop, illustrator, models with poliplat and cardstock, painting
- Materials: none

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