November 29, 2012





The work of James Turrell, creating an unreal atmosphere, like being into a dream, is the concept behind the installation, but it’s also important to be possible to see a dream from outside, to make another illusion. Outside is different from inside.

There is also some usual objects in our lives that take us into a dream: the best example would be the books. This action needs freedom, people needs to be as comfortable as possible, but also needs different ways to help their mind dream easier. Final wooden house by Sou Fujimoto is the reference here, a little and very abstract construction, where you can do more different actions than in a normal house. Less space, more diversity of actions.

We are going to build 2 architectures in1, from outside it’s a normal shelf, but when you approach to it and goes inside, it’s a complex space ready to be use in many ways, This is in fact a space for reading, so the perfect place to it is the general library of the University of Alicante. Here we could take the chance to exhibit the Re-reading stories of house’s books, in order to let people see our work.

This is a free space, each person according to his unique and unparalleled perspective or point of view use the space differently. There is a definite place to use it in a certain way, each and every one of the corners will have the feature that the user can think to give.

The space is built with 178 cardboard boxes, but with different designs depends of its function. Every person will receive a specific plan and enough cardboard to build them by Monday or as soon as possible.  The group 5 will paint and join them, so we need all boxes for Thursday morning.

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