November 29, 2012


Process Photos - November 21

 The structure coming together
 Constructing the hardwood step (step 4)
 Continuing to thread and cut pipe with the rented machine
 Finished the tile step (step 3)

Process Photos - November 20 2012

Covering the leather step
Preparing a pipe for threading
Threading a few pipes
Removing debris from inside the pipe
sketch for step material
Detail for border for tile step
Further details of the folds required

Connection sketchs


Our project 'to relax' is essentially an experiential staircase up to a hammock where one can fully escape the tribulations of everyday life and relax. The ten steps up all feature a different material, which will allow for a different experience underfoot. They range from hard (concrete) to soft (the netting of the hammock). We have proposed to build the structure out of 3/4 black steel pipe, connected at the corners with plumbing fittings. Another aspect of our project, is the enjoyment of heat. We felt that heat could help someone relax. The inner core of the structure could be filled with hot water supplied by a pump/ heater, this would radiate heat upwards to the person enjoying the hammock. 

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