November 29, 2012


Dear Architecture - A Space to Converse

This project was conceived as a space for conversation with the Director of the Masters of Architecture program here at Carleton University, Roger Connah.  Therefore, one point that everyone in the school could relate to him on is Architecture.  The space would become a place that an architectural conversation would be stimulated.  

"Confessions" - Candy Chang
The Lamb - London, England
One way to stimulate conversation is through memory, and in an architectural setting, through the architectural ruin, in this case doors.  The memories or confessions of students, as inspired by the installation "Confessions" by Candy Chang, would be combined with the doors to create an architectural confessional, housing memories and confessions of the entire School of Architecture at Carleton. Old doors were salvaged from a construction site and confessions will be collected from students and staff alike throughout the week.  The confessions are placed in the doors as small doors in themselves, allowing them to be discovered by the user, but also if doors are opened on both sides of the main door, then they act like a confessional with a person outside only being able to see select parts of your body, much like the screens at The Lamb Pub in London.  Each level of openings was aligned with a major proportion of Roger's body, mainly the eyes, the shoulder, hip, knee, etc.  People visiting the installation can leave their own confession by taking a blank card from one of the pegs on the outside of the confessional and entering, closing the door behind them, and adding their confession to the collective.

With the confessional "walls" being hinged together, the entire structure can be opened to create a partition between 2 spaces, or conversations.  

Door Layouts
Chair Detail
Card Details





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