December 10, 2012


Dining Installation

This dining installation is a platform which is completely flat when it is closed and is opened similar to a Japanese box.  As you go through different stages in dining, different spatial experiences come about within this one dining space.  Each element is necessary for the next and each element creates a unique experience which is special to the type of food or drink consumed.  For example, the reclining chair is where you would eat something cold or the dropped cushioned space is where you would eat something warm.  To make you appreciate this cold food you lie on a chair of similar construction to a summer cottage chair.  There are sun shades above you which will help block the light of a strategically placed lamp creating shadows on one's body.  The area for warm food and the area for drink has elements of similar strategy.  The key to the success of this installation is for one to be able to enjoy these different spatial experiences within one space as opposed to going to many spaces.

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